Московская область,
Серпуховский район,
д. Новинки Бегичёво
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Rent a cottage

Rent a recreation center in the suburbs of Moscow with separate houses.

Novinki Park is a recreation center in the suburbs of Moscow with separate houses, with competively affordable pricing for single days or weekend visits, a cozy spot in the middle of a protected forest near Moscow. There is everything you need for an unforgettable vacation: comfortable cottages, sports grounds, attractive landscape and silence - fresh air and distance from noisy city roads.

The traditional Russian bathhouse and oriental hammam will let you slip into a sea of comfort. We invite you to try our bath complex, it comes complete with everything you need for 100% comfort.
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Paintball club "New Park". We offer paintball in open areas and indoors, enabling you and your friends/family the opportunity to develop original battle scenarios.
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We give our young guests a pastime on a wonderful inflatable sea ship (in summer), as well as a playground for games and ice slides (in winter).
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Also for sports lovers and people with active lifestyles there are tennis courts, basketball courts, even a football field! Fans of cross-country skiing, in winter, will discover amazing forest trails.
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For outdoor events, we have prepared beautiful arbors, stunningly crafted and comfortable, which are ideal for any holiday - or even just cooking on the grill.
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Novinki park is an ecoterritory.
Well-groomed territory and design landscape. Ergonomic arrangement of all related services + forest air.
There is everything for even the smallest of children
For couples with young children, we will provide the necessary children's furniture.
Pets allowed
For guests with pets, all necessary facilities are also provided.

The recreation center in the suburbs of Moscow with cottages for the weekend and for the day - «Novinki Park» 

Our recreation center in the suburbs is unique in terms of service & the services provided. Cottages are comfortable for living and spending time with close family or friends, are equipped with modern appliances, bathrooms, furniture, kitchen and everything else you need.

“Novinki Park” is a unique recreation center in the suburbs of Moscow, where there is a forest, cozy houses for two, large cottages for fun companies, comfortable gazebos for friendly meetings and parties in nature, a bathhouse, a hammam and a font. Also in the "New Park" guests are allowed to visits with their pets.

How much does it cost to rent a recreation center in the suburbs for the weekend or for a single day?

Of course, renting a recreation center near Moscow is not a cheap pleasure, but the prices for spending time in the framework of Novinki Park are absolutely reasonable and affordable relative to the level of services provided.

If you are interested in a good recreation center in the suburbs, and you have already visited our official website, check out the full catalog of opportunities.

"Novinki Park" is a good fun pastime with friends, family and children.

Call to find out more if interested.


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