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How paintball works in Novinki Park

Team sports game became popular in Russia only 10-15 years ago, but it has firmly entered the list of the most entertaining ways to spend the weekend. Good suburban complexes have everything you need for paintball: a playground, uniforms, equipment. Consider this fascinating game as the basis of leisure, if you are going to rent a country house. 

What are the benefits of this type of vacation:

Paintball is loved by adults and teens. This is much more interesting than darts or shooting races, because shooting is carried out on live targets. Each person has his own style of play and tactics. You can spend a few hours playing a game of paintball unnoticed. If you rent a cottage, then be sure to include it in your holiday schedule. Not every base has such a platform, but Novinki Park has it.

Paintball at "Novinki Park"

Here you can rent a country house and play paintball. We provide everything you need: form, inventory, site. You only need to take a pair of comfortable shoes. The paint in the balls is easily washed off the skin. Paintball can be part of your weekend program or fill up an entire day. After a game of chance it is good to visit a sauna or have a barbecue, so we recommend renting a house with a bath in advance.

You can rent a paintball field from the administrator by phone.