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What to do with future moms in Novinki Park

Young mothers often complain that there is nothing to do on maternity leave. You can’t leave the child, and you can’t do your usual leisure activities before maternity leave. Where to go on maternity leave so that not only the baby, but also the mother, are pleased? Of course, out of town!

What does the Novinki Park offer?

On maternity leave, there is no time to plan a weekend, and the family constantly spends weekends in a stuffy city. At the same time, you need to walk a lot with a small child. The territory of a suburban complex is best suited for this purpose. It is more spacious than in the park, there is a playground, as well as the opportunity to get in touch with the world of wildlife.

Novinki Park has everything you need to spend a weekend with children from zero years old:

The development of the child takes place in society, in new experiences. What could be better than combining one and the other? A child learns the world, sees wildlife and communicates with family and friends. Mom is not even bored - the suburban complex offers all kinds of entertainment from the hammam to the tennis court. After such a weekend, harmony will reign in the family.

Makes a decree useful and interesting, relaxing in the Novinki Park.