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What to do in a country house during the May holidays

May holidays are the best time to get together with family or friends in nature. But what if no one has a free cottage or there is not enough space there? There is a simple awnser - rent a country house for the May holidays. What can I do in a rented property for 2-3 days, or even 10-12 days?

Top 5 Options

  1. Leisure. During the winter, office mobility decreases, and in the spring it's time to do bodywork. Spend your May holidays on the territory of the rented cottage where you can play tennis, drive the ball with the children or even organize a golf tournament! Check in advance if there is equipment for sports games and what you can do on the site.
  2. Culinary talents. Most country houses have everything for barbecue, skewers (we recommend clarifying). But not a single barbecue! Arrange a picnic in a comfortable environment.
  3. Self-development. Take literature that you have been putting aside for a long time, courses and other teaching materials into the country house. Relax, but not mentally!
  4. Vacation with children. City children are new to nature, and real living flora awaits them in a country house. Show children the plants, teach them to enjoy the beauty of nature, and also do not forget to connect active games. The tablet is best left at home.
  5. Lazy pastime. Fresh air and silence is a good reason to sleep.

It is easy to rent a country house in May. It’s also easy to figure out what to do during this period.