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In Novinki Park you can rent not only a whole house for a large company, but also a gazebo! It is needed for barbecues and picnics. Arbors are equipped with everything necessary. You have at least three reasons to rent a gazebo in the suburbs.

Advantages of gazebos in Novinki Park

The gazebo is a spacious terrace with wide tables and benches. It accommodates up to 15 people! For small companies, there are cozy options. 

Why can a gazebo come in handy for vacationers from outside the city?

  1. B-B-Q. To fry kebabs and taste them comfortably, you need a lot of space. For dishes, company accommodation, drinks and snacks, several square meters are required. Putting a barbecue on the field and spreading a plaid is a bad option. But the arbor has everything you need, including a washstand!
  2. A small holiday. Celebrate christening, birthdays, wedding anniversaries without chic and scope, but in nature - the choice of thrifty people. An arbor is suitable for this. It has enough space for company, when you do not need to stay overnight.
  3. Paintball. Tactical play involves the gradual elimination of participants. While those who remain on the paintball field continue to fight, the rest of the participants have nothing to do can go spend time in the gazebo: make a barbecue, or just sit with tea or strong drinks.

Rent a gazebo in the countryside in Novinki Park! This is a great solution for a small holiday, barbecue and gatherings in the fresh air.